My Gretchen: Miss Adventure

Saturday was a big day, and night, for one Miss Adventure… and she couldn’t wait to get going!

IMAGE The girlies at the Oneida Track Meet

Through Rain, Through Wind….Through Bedtime we cheer!

While both girls were invited, only Gretchen, after a long night of cheering on her cousin Justyna (who was running at the Oneida Invitational for Whitesboro Track & Field), was game for her FIRST SLEEPOVER!!  As soon as she heard about the adventure with her Auntie Jean she could not wait to get going.

She survived baseball.

She survived family grooming.

It was on the way home from haircuts when Olena started wondering how long she’d have to be at Auntie Jean’s when Gretchen jumped all over her comments blurting out:


After rushing through her lunch, and going on a neighborhood walk to visit Betsey, Gretchen was in full I-can’t-wait-to-get-out-of-the-door mode.

She packed her PJs. She packed her stuffed animal. She even packed her pillow (sans pillowcase).

Toothbrush? Check!

Hairbrush? Reluctantly included.

Book for bedtime? Absolutely!!

Finally, as it was time to say goodbye to her family, she gave big hugs to her sister, a big pat on the head for Theo, hugs for Theo’s aide Miss Sally, and I waited (dad was grocery shopping). I retrieved her car seat, then returned to the van to get the car seat pad which needed to be washed, apparently I took too long.

Photo of Miss Gretchen

Miss Adventure

As I turned around to get my big hug I instead saw the car door slam in my face…a “let-the-door-hit-you” moment.

OK, maybe not so close to my face… but the car door slammed quickly and instead of the hug I was expecting I got a “bye mom see ya tomorrow!!” shouted through an open window.

Well, at least Auntie Jean didn’t peel out of the driveway… I did get a minute to say goodbye, to tell her to be good, and to call before bed.

Good news: she did all that. And she even helped Auntie Jean clean her pet turtle’s tank! And the two adventurers on their big night fell asleep before 9.

It was nice to get a break from Gretchen for a night but we sure did miss her.

And Olena now can’t wait to actually go…

May the adventure continue little one(s).

Until next time…

PS THANKS to Auntie Jean for providing us a break for the night and for giving Gretchen her first sleepover experience sans family. It was a successful night neither of them will forget.


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