#ThanksDave #MLiTriplicate TOP TEN


10: When I wished for a child, I wished for one. My husband wished for two. God laughed.

9. The next person to say “It goes by so fast” gets either a throat punch, or a call at 3 am when it’s NOT going by fast.

8. God only gives you what you can handle. He’s certainly giving it to me…

7. Honestly, can you use your indoor voice please.

6. Please, wake up your brother.

5. Thanks for waking up your brother. Next time he decides to play his keyboard at 3 am I’m making sure he’s in your room.

4. As triplet mom I am certainly qualified to give you my medical opinion but the copay is outrageous.

3. You can wear that. Just don’t complain when you get cold.

2. Oh, your twins are cute. Where’s the third one?

And, the No. 1 thing this triplet moms says:

1. I am so totally awake.

This lame attempt at humor is a nod to the final Late Show with David Letterman. Late Night would not be what it is today without you. Even though I had to catch your antics the day after a performance (unless I was on vacation), please know that your humor will be missed. Thank you for always delivering the laughs and may you keep finding things funny.

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