Been Stung, and Survived

“Sorry” say the bees. Where did I get the armor?

Yesterday, while the kiddos and I were out playing in the backyard, I made the careless mistake of putting my flip-flops on, instead of my sneakers.

I had a long morning run (10 miles) and it was just gorgeous and sunny and Theo really, REALLY, wanted to get outside. So to appease the Boss I just threw on my sandals and went. The girls followed behind.

We ran to the back room to enjoy the outdoor swing and Theo decided that it was time to play extreme super tag.

What is extreme super tag? I’m glad you asked…

It’s when your non-verbal son grabs you by the hand, or his sister, runs as fast as he can to one side of the yard (or inside the house), then turns around to do it all over again.

It’s hysterical.

The giggling. The laughing.

And as we were gunning it through the backyard something felt wrong. Very wrong.

Now, first I will say, there were words coming out of my mouth that NO 8-year-old should hear but I kind of mumbled them like the poor chap in A Christmas Story when his furnace goes. I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t all come running out because, let me tell you, getting a bee sting on the bottom of your foot was a whole level of pain I have never ever felt before. And the pain shot up my leg.

I just stopped and plopped down. In the middle of the yard. Screaming.

Alas, while I was able to get the stinger out without a problem, my three little nurses sprung into action. And it was impressive!

Olena immediately ran inside to get me an ice pack.

Gretchen ran inside to fetch my purse (my phone was in it).

And Theo, even with all his problems this weekend, sat right down next to me and held on to my hand. I’m pretty convinced he was trying to get me to move…but he stayed right by my side.

So even when in extreme pain I had three of the best little helpers by my side.

It made the pain a little more bearable. A little.

Of course Theo DID want something, but he at least gave me 20 minutes of rest. Plus I got a cool card from Gretchen.

Thankfully the rest of the day got better from there (and I’m no allergic. Hooray!).

Until next time…

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