Lookey Lookey! We’re BACK

Me, looking at Gretchen, while she makes a funny face Pbthhhhhhhhhhh!

Well, another summer has come and gone and like that we have a house full of third graders. It was an up and down time for us with, thankfully, more UPS than downs.

After being without a job, dad started a new position in Syracuse.

After a week of misbehavior we figured out Theodore needed a medicine adjustment. When that at came, I burst into tears (which was more of a release when the doctors agreed with me, Dr. Mom. I’m still waiting for me diagnostic fee!). But an August trip back to the doctors and a case of tonsillitis for Theodore means we are being monitored closely to see if perhaps we can have the tonsils removed.

After looking forward to summer for so long I had two little girls who, although they’d never admit it, couldn’t wait to get back to school.

After a long summer I am DONE with the whining. I’m looking at you goofball Gretchen.

While I don’t have much to report on, I am happy to say the dreaded back-to-school list actually brought a smile to my face. Not the girls’ list as they have had them for a few years, but for Theodore. He’s in the BOCES autism program and, at third grade, it’s his first EVER list! Other than including his favorite snack (yogurt melts) it’s not that different from my NTs’ list. It includes:

Box of 24 crayons

1 zipper pencil holder

4 glue sticks

2 chunky erasers

1 pocket folder

box of tissues

And, just like that, my boy is just like all others… with his first ever back-to-school supply list…and a year full of hope, adventure and progress ahead.

Although where did he put that new treasure of his? That spork?!! Sigh…

Until next time friends!


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