Autism Blogging: Am I Doing OK?

Recently a very popular autism blog writer — Autism Daddy — revealed his true identity. It broke the interwebs! AD was one of the first blogs I read that seemed to paint a similar picture to what we have with our Theodore.

But in the ongoing coverage in his coming out there was backlash in how the community sees his coverage of the King.

Look it, as I see it, he is honest, and open, and may say things we all don’t agree with but AD is doing his best. Just as we all are. But that got me thinking am I revealing too much about what Theo goes through? Am I putting too much out there about the girls? Will they be embarrassed by my words? Or my actions?

I have said this before, I am putting my thoughts and feelings into words in this blog for the triplets to one day understand what we did, and why we did it. I am not intentionally embarrassing anyone. I do not detail every meltdown or detail.

Besides, there are bad days that don’t need to be revisited…because we are all so exhausted.

But, more importantly, my triplets are showing me how to parent and how to act. How to be. How to be better.

And sometimes even I forget all that we have done and this blog helps bring it all back home to me.

How far we have come.


Until next time…


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