Ask me About My Daughter’s Experience

Courtesy NYS DOH “NYSDOH – New York State Health Department

Whether alone or grouped together (such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella), ‪#‎vaccines‬ don’t cause autism. All recent studies prove this.”


How could you not be? In this day and age, we know that vaccines keep our children safe AND they keep other children safe as well.

Now, sure, there are side effects. One of them is NOT autism.

My triplets were born at 28 weeks and spent nearly 3 months in the NICU at Crouse. They were on the same schedule as “typical” newborns when it came to shots. They got all of them — minus one that protected against stomach viruses because Miss Gretchen had to have hernia surgery.

The triplets got extra protection each winter (aside from being quarantined) having received protection from RSV.

Enter Miss Olena. This is HER pro-vaccination story. After having two consecutive RSV shot-filled winters, poor Olena ended up at Galisano Children’s Hospital thanks to croup. She needed a bronchial scope and was admitted for observation and recovery. It was a long road. Prior to the hospital’s redesign, she had to share a room with a severely ill infant. She spent nearly 6 hours in the same room as an infant who had — you guessed it — RSV.

She did not get the virus (she was also moved from the room, given her health history). I believe this is because she had received the vaccination.

But that’s not all.

At the height of the first H1N1 outbreak, Miss Olena found herself in the Emergency Room. This time she had a severe infection and she could not cough anything up. It sounded similar to croup, but it just didn’t sound right.. They ran a battery of tests. They gave her several respiratory treatments. The diagnosis? H1N1. But, they were actually looking in the wrong direction. Instead of H1N1 they said she had pertussis.

Whopping cough.

Have you ever heard it? It’s WORSE than croup.

But she was vaccinated? How can this be? I asked the staff at, oh, 18 hours into the ER stay and what they said floored me.

Just because you have the vaccination it doesn’t make you immune. You can still get what you’ve been vaccinated against, just not as severe.

Not as severe? NOT as severe as 24 hours in the ER?! Then what the heck would I have seen had she not been vaccinated?

It’s a question I hope to never know.

So, go on, get vaccinated.

Protect yourself. Protect your kids. Protect others.

Until next time…


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