Dreaming, Always Dreaming

Ever since I can remember I have had the weirdest dreams… I remember being about 4 or 5, being terribly ill with a fever, and having a dream while my mom (Grandma Millie) cooled me off with water and alcohol which is totally not allowed these days. During that period, between waking and just being out of it, I remember the dream…

This one was in black and white. It was a line. Just one bright, white line running vertically as if on a tv screen. Moving fast. Then another white line joined it… then while the background was still black, a few colored lines raced along the main white line. I know the dream itself didn’t last long but it seemed to last all. night. long.

I tell you, I have always had some pretty spooky dreams. I have always been interested in what they may, or may not, mean.

I share you this because I had seen a few days ago on Farcebook that there is a glass walkway in China. This thing spans a 3,500+ cliff. I mentioned on a friends picture that there would be no way I would ever walk on anything like that.

So, last night, I — of course — had a dream about that a glass bridge. Except I wasn’t walking the bridge, I was in a car driving over the bridge. Well, ha, I wasn’t driving (duh) my husband was… and all of a sudden the bridge gave way. And as the bridge gave way a sense of calm and peace came over me… and of course the driver, and the vehicle, had disappeared and I looked down to see I was moving over a (get this) gigantic cruise ship. Everything was so vivid and colorful. I even held my breath and waited to land.

Good news is: I survived the dream and ended up dreaming about something totally different. The next New York Mills Class Reunion!!

All of this came to mind tonight because, well, that said walkway had a panel shatter with tourists on it



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