Dental Visit: Code Orange

IMAGE The Boss on the playground after a long day that started at the dentist.

The Boss navigating the playground at Southside Elementary

So it’s been a few up and down days with the Boss and my anxiety hit the roof because we were due for, oh lawrd, a visit to the dentist.

Now the Boss has long had MANY problems with his teeth. Basically, with anything head-related in general it’s a mess. He can’t tell us what is wrong. He can’t handle any changes. Sore throat sends the kiddo into a tail spin for DAYS! Strep — just stay out of his way…makes him super angry. TEETH. I hate teeth for this reason.

I take the Boss to Pediatric Dentistry of Fayetteville. We have been going since Theo became too much to handle for a general hygienist.

Well, let me just say, they were ready for the Boss. We waited only 10 minutes to be called into the exam room. They had reserved the room way in the back so Theo can vocalize LOUDLY as one tends to do. They even had the TV on the picture only, letting me put on the Beastie Boys to 11 so Theo can rock out. They had a pappoose ready.

With minimal fuss, Theo got into his chair and into position and calmed for a bit until they got to work.

Then, he let them have it.

And although other clients may have wondered what the heck was going on I had no problem listening to my son vocal stim disapproval during his visit. Heck, if you are going to yell anywhere, it may as well be at the dentist. And it was a win-win. While the dentist got a great look at all his teeth, I was able to peak in and see his tonsils were finally back to “normal.”

The best part is they were ready for Theo.

But, he did it. I’ve seen worse believe me. And this was a better visit.

I still think I need a serious reward after the visit though 😉

Nice job Theo.

Now I don’t have to worry again (fingers crossed) until his next visit in May.

~Until next time…

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