My Daughter Showed Me to Slow Down

imageYet another chaotic weekend, one that never, ever seems to last long enough (as confirmed by Miss Olena), gave way to yet another crazy Monday morning.

Our mornings are not for the weak… From the moment our feet hit the floor, it’s get ready, get dressed, get the kids up, keep the kids in line, get Theo’s meds sorted out, get Theo up, get meds into Theo (harder than it seems), fill Theo’s bag with school necessities, make lunches, get lunch money, get snacks, get meds to the girls, get my own meds… OH and somehow eat a breakfast and drink some coffee.

And that doesn’t event include any DRAMA that may occur during the morning. OK, let’s face it, there’s ALWAYS some drama. And whining. And shouting. And playing with Legos instead of actually eating the breakfast I made for them…

This all happens from 6:30 am until about 8 to 8:05 am when Theo has to be dressed and ready to go. That is another challenge but as long as we start everything with his right foot, he’s usually pretty agreeable. (Ah, autism and you’re must-have rules).

Today was a typical autumn morning in Canastota. The sun was shining. The air felt crisp, subtly telling us colder months are ahead.

And Gretchen…who you will recall … has been quite a challenge these past few days. It was she that schooled me today.

Among the hustle of the morning my girl who is obsessed with raking leaves, inspected her pile of leaves. I was expecting her to complain about something (ie. the wind blew my leaves away, the leaves aren’t yellow anymore, my pile is smaller today) instead carefully, gingerly, picked up a leaf the size of her head. With her mitten-clad long, delicate, fingers, she plucked the leaf off the pile and held it in the sun.

She slowly turned the leaf to the left, to the right. She inspected every centimeter, every vein…the gentile shape of the maple leaf. She was amazed at how it shimmied in the sun.

She saw Mother Nature’s work of art.

Me, on the way to the car, saw a leaf coated in frost. Frost. No big deal.

She saw a brown leaf tinged with yellow, enrobed in ice, sparkling like a starlet on the red carpet.

And I paused. I watched her studying the leaf. The look on her face was intense, inquisitive, and in awe.

She saw more than a leaf.

She saw the wonder of the season, and the art of nature.

She showed me that sometimes you just have to stop, take a look, and enjoy the view.

She was right.

It was gorgeous and I would never have seen it without my little redhead pointing that out to me.

Until next time…


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