The Locked Diary

Her long, delicate fingers, clutched the newly purchased diary. Gretchen has a new treasure — and it locks her secrets away.

Books are wonderful things. Stories can take you up and away, help you explore new worlds, learn about mammals, open up endless possibilities.

An open book is truly a treasure on another level. And one that locks?! Priceless.

In this book she can record her dreams, talk about her day, create short stories about turtles looking for a new home. Put, as she says, “family secrets” in them.

What secrets? I can’t imagine. But this girls’ thoughts can’t possibly fit into one book.

“How did you get a diary with a lock and I did not?” Olena would ask, hinting at extreme jealousy.


Gretchen, of course, with her mouth wide open.


Gretchen simply says “I just found it before you.”

Those long fingers now curl around her treasure, her locked journal, her diary.

She asks me if I want to read it.

Someday, maybe. But, I tell her, that is yours. That is your book to treasure. May you fill it with good things.

Until next time…



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