Longest Winter Ever

imageEvery year I think this will be the winter of Theo’s contentment.

So far, it hasn’t worked. Yet. The “dis” in the discontent makes itself known in mid-December and grabs any shred of optimism left in my bones and shakes it to the ground.

Again this year The Boss has had one heck of a Winter. Worst one? No, I wouldn’t say that. Maybe it’s been slightly better than last year, but thanks to Facebook’s “This Day in History” time travel feature — winter continues to be a thorn in Theo’s side.

Sickness. Strep. Tonsillitis. Teeth. Teething. Stomach bugs. Food aversions. Food strikes. Behavior. Behavior. BEHAVIOR! Medication changes (dosages and timing). The waiting to see if the meds work. And whole days of wearing a soft helmet and watching his favorite DVDs from sun up to sun down.

It’s tiring. It’s exhausting. And that’s just for me!

I think sometimes, like every kid Alexander, we should move to Australia, but I’m afraid there will still be seasons like this. (That’s what mama says.)

The trick is to not unpack and live in days like this. And that’s hard, but I’m getting better at it. There have been several bright spots including this past weekend when we went to the park at Arise at the Farm in Chittenango, crashed a bouncy-house birthday party, and days that we didn’t even watch our DVDs once!

And we also scored a successful IEP meeting recently in which we will have a continuation of services for the next year (hooray!).

Through it all several things remains constant — Theodore loves school, loves his schedule and is willing to work hard even on days where Autism has the best of him. He has a team that is willing to work with him and to not give up. He has two sisters who adore him, and a mom and dad who are trying to help him be the best Theo he can be.

And, sometimes, that’s all you can focus on. The today. Not the what-ifs or the incredibly sad meltdowns.

Focus on today. And remember that tomorrow there is always a chance it will be so much better.


Until next time…



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