My Daughter is Playing #Ftball

Gretchen. My little Gretchen. My little fighter. Theo’s biggest advocate.

It’s been a tough winter on her brother and, as a result, Miss Gretchen is feeling the pinch.

At least that’s what I think is going on. That, plus, Miss Olena acted this same way last year. Now, it’s Gretchen’s turn, to TAKE IT ALL OUT ON MOMMY!

I can’t ask her to do anything without her whining or crying or making, get this, animal noises.

There are only so many times a day where you can say “stop making animal noises,” “you are not a cat or a dog,” “use your words,” “what?” And, my favorite, “I do not negotiate with terrorists” which just makes her scream and cry and carry on, longer.

During a particularly bad stretch last week I lost all my marbles and got into a shouting match with her.

I apologized for everything. “I’m sorry your brother has autism. I’m sorry your brother has demanded so much attention. I’m sorry you think you are being neglected. I love you but sometimes you are impossible.”

She screamed the whole time so I’m not even sure she heard me.

So, in the middle of a time out, which was anything but because we were shouting at each other, I turned around and put the word SOFTBALL on a white board and put the board on the refrigerator. She really wants to play.GREEEEEEEEEEEETchen

She cannot play if she yells and screams and carries on the way she does at home. I explained this to her. She said softball would be different because “I wouldn’t do that to my coach.”


Anyhow, every time she went out of her way to yell or scream and tell me that she hates me, I removed a letter from the board.

Tonight she was at FTBALL but that later changed to TBALL because she asked me to sign a reading log that was supposed to be signed once at the end of the week (I tried to explain this to her, she just screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA into my face.)

So, TBALL is still on the refrigerator. Sign ups are tomorrow. She’s getting in because I didn’t take all the letters away.

Next incentive may just be SLEEPOVER or DOUGHNUT… but she has to work for it.

(My nerves and ears will thank her).




2 thoughts on “My Daughter is Playing #Ftball

    • We are continuing. She has improved, but she faltered this Sunday and again tonight so… up went Alex’s 14 (her cousin’s birthday party). The message must be up if she wants to go to his party this weekend.

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