Valentine’s Day — the Sweetest Day

Valentines2016I was signed up for Olena’s Valentine’s Day party. On top of keeping Theo in check this winter, and dealing with Gretchen who seems to just want to fight, I almost forgot about it when my lovey girl reminded me.

“Mom, you signed up for Valentine’s Day,” she said.

(Actually, dad signed me up for this one and for Gretchen’s Christmas party in December.)

Yes, hon.

“Oh, and I said you would bring cupcakes for everyone.”

OK. Thanks Len.

She was excited and kept reminding me about the cupcakes. I’d brush her off. “Don’t forget” and “Mom? Cupcakes?!” It continued right up until the last minute when I had to explain to her I was going to get the treats the morning of the big event, which was held on Friday before Valentine’s Day weekend.

That morning I got cupcakes, rushed to work, and began my day. I was wrapped up in my to do list when I looked up and had exactly 20 minutes to get there. Jumped up from my desk, ran to my car, away I went.

Dodging traffic and winter weather…


I got to school to sign in and lined up with the other moms and dads waiting to get into their respective classrooms. To, of course, wait…

And then we got to walk down the hallway to meet our little cherubs.

And with all that I was complaining about in my head, it washed away. The magic of a holiday through your kids’ eyes? Unbeatable. Olena was so happy to see me (ok, maybe happier to see the cupcakes) but all the children were giddy with anticipation, fun snacks and beautiful Valentine’s to open and cherish.

Unlike Gretchen’s holiday party which was filled with fun challenges, Olena’s Valentine’s party consisted of, well, distributing Valentines, savoring sweet treats, and eating candy. The room was scented with au de Doritos and top notes of chocolate. While other moms sprang into action, I just watched my girl do her thing. And when the class was busy doing yoga moves, I joined in…right behind Olena. Doing everything wrong as moms do…

I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. And what makes this sweeter? There will be no Valentine celebration in 4th grade. This was it.

And I shared it with Olena.


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