Beware the ides of March

It’s been a long Winter — I’ve addressed that earlier. And since it’s the half-way point of the month of March (beware) we’ve seen a taste of spring!! And with that we’ve seen Theodore improve greatly! Well, minus the time change thing… he seems to be happier, a bit more relaxed, and glad he doesn’t have to put on multiple layers to go rock on the porch.

But being we live in Central New York the seasons, the weather, the atmosphere, can change in a split second. And our weather prognosticator picks up on it and is more accurate than Doppler Radar.

And those few moments before a weather change can wear down on everyone.

Yet, we eek along, getting by…hoping for another warm day with the next one being warmer than the next (and hopefully not raining).

Hang in there kiddo. Spring IS coming. It just might take a while.


Until next time…


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