Daylight Savings Time is…

Yes, #DST hit the Triplet household hard. Two things:


Oh Gretchen woke up SWINGING Sunday morning. Yes, she stayed up late (two nights in a row actually) and MAN was she having NOTHING Sunday morning. Picking fight, after fight. Thank goodness the weather was pleasant and she got outside…

And, the DAY after…


Theodore, my Boss, not only took FOREVER to fall asleep Sunday night but Monday morning a mere 10 minutes before his bus arrived I had to wake him. And he was NOT happy. I had to steal his blankets just to get him moving out of his tent! This #DST fun continues to Monday and to today where it took him forever to fall asleep…even with his tent.

And tomorrow we get to go to a new doctor, an ENT, to have Theodore evaluated. Since it took him 10+ days to recover from tonsillitis we have to talk to an ENT about options because if he cannot be consoled at age 8, what would it be like when he’s 16? Scary, nervous…I know the ENT will recommend the best course of action.

There’s always something…at least we will recover from the time change soon.

Until next time…


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