We Did It


Running away because, well, not sure. Not even sure HE knows why…

Or, should I say, he did it. That would be Theo. Surviving the day.


You see my boy, The Boss, did not have school today. Which means a change in schedule.

Such a drag.

But it also brought with it changing weather and a high wind advisory.

For Theo, our weather prognosticator, it was, shall we say, “a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.”

He was up by 6 am, maybe earlier.

He was waiting to go out to the bus which never came.

He requested his favorite Police DVD before 8 a.m.

He drove dad a bit mad this morning with his pacing, and refusing of food, and multiple requests for juice.

He was happy to see mom (of course, mama’s boy) at noon… only to be mad when mom had to pause to eat her own lunch. (How dare I?!)

I was able to get him outside to his swing for a good half-hour before heading to daycare around 2 pm and that was before any rain made its way through the area. Seriously he’s been pacing since last night (hello, storm on the way, duh).

And it’s going to be an incredibly up and down week. Thanks, CNY. But the hardest part was his not being able to go outside after we got home. Again, thanks, weather.

BUT he was able to work through it with our help, and with the help of his respite aid.

Such a valuable resource.

How could we ever get through this without his aide’s assistance?

Of course, the next question is, since he fell asleep so early tonight — when will he be up on Tuesday?

Good question. I best get to bed. Tomorrow’s another day.

Until next time…


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