A Kick in the Pants

I haven’t been writing. Those who know me personally already know why (besides being a mom to triplets which keeps me exhausted).

First, it’s not health related…(thankfully)  but I’ve been dealing with an issue for 3 years now but I can’t delve too much.

Seriously, I am… stuck.

And my optimism is broken.



imageToday I received yet another blow but this time, after I got back up, I did something I hadn’t before… I treated myself to a trip to Lowe’s for some industrial craft supplies.


Spray paint.


Let me explain. When I feel overwhelmed I need to create. Of course writing in the blog is one way that allows me to expand my craft.

But this thing has kept me from enjoying that. Especially as of late (and I had some great stories to tell!)

But I can’t let that happen any more.

I love to draw, to design, to imagine. And while I’m not a great artist it is an appropriate outlet for me. I need to use this negative energy and turn it into something positive.

Something beautiful.

Something I created.

Something GOOD to get me unstuck.

and maybe then I can begin again. After all, there’s always time to begin again.

~ Until next time




One thought on “A Kick in the Pants

  1. I worry about you, Alexis. I know you said it’s not health issues, so that’s wonderful to hear. I hope you can heal through your art. I just wanted you to know that I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.
    As always,

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