HolyCats! How’d that get away from me?

It’s true. It happens. LIFE with triplets can overwhelm and consume you.

But, it’s all good. Truly.

So, without any delay, here’s what up with the MLITHH (wow, that’s an awful acronym).

  • Yes, my last post was in July. I had to abandon ship, if you will, because at the time I was searching for a new job. I was accepted and welcomed by those who knew I worked hard, but my VP did not say anything to me — and when he did, it was only when my supervisor wasn’t there. I was definitely feeling like I was no longer welcome which was sad because I had so much history there.
  • BUT if you follow my FB page or other posts you should know that I landed a new job. It had taken a good three years to find this position. Aside from a steep learning curve (I’m working at a regulated utility) I am so much happier!! My colleagues are very welcoming and friendly and my supervisor AND my VP actually provide constructive feedback. I feel valued and welcome!
  • Olena is doing great and is playing the clarinet. I LOVE IT!! Every stinking bad note. She is trying so hard. But, as I like to say, I always know where she is when she’s practicing. And, even better, I keep telling her to play me a polka which usually gets a “c’mon mom” response.
  • Gretchen is doing well but her need to “fight” my every suggestion at home has come to a head. After shouting matches and on-going screaming and whining fits that have been ongoing for a year now, I have had enough. So we will be talking to a therapist to help her sort things out. I know it won’t work overnight but it’s got to get better — and we can work on this together.
  • Theodore is showing amazing growth this school year — one that was punctuated by several changes such as a new classroom, a new teacher, a new aide, a new sensory therapist, a new schedule at daycare. At school he is sitting at his own desk, occasionally eats in the cafeteria (still smoothies), and is showing great interest in using his IPad to communicate. It may seem small, but these are great gains.
  • Oh and there’s dad. He’s doing well too. Can’t wait for spring to come so he can get out on his bike and ride.


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