Posted in May 2020

The Escalator

Recently, I described the process of finding an inpatient program to help with Theo’s medications and lack of sleep as such: You are on the first floor, looking for a way to access the second. You spy an elevator and think “this is exactly what I need!” You approach the escalator and to speed up … Continue reading

Hurry up, and wait.

Hurry up, and wait.

Life with autism is a LOT of hurry up and wait. This is a mantra in our house. We can’t shake it. Hurry up and get the triplets evaluated — wait months for services to begin. Call your pediatrician to schedule an appointment with a developmental specialist — wait 9 months to actually see specialist. … Continue reading

We are #InThisTogether

Friends, in NYS, I am not the only family struggling to make sure my kiddo has proper services. Please watch this short documentary that will hopefully open the dialogue to get PROPER services for all our kids — and adults too — who are on the spectrum. Life Fantastic: Autism and Mental Health