The Escalator

Oranges. Notorious for falling out of the grocery bag.

Recently, I described the process of finding an inpatient program to help with Theo’s medications and lack of sleep as such:

You are on the first floor, looking for a way to access the second. You spy an elevator and think “this is exactly what I need!”

You approach the escalator and to speed up your progress you start using the escalator like stairs, taking giant steps. But you’re not going up. It’s then that you realize the escalator is going down from the second floor to where you are.

Oh, and by the way, you happen to be carrying all your groceries and the bag of oranges are spilling all over the place.

Going up

I share this because it seems we have found an escalator to carry us upward! Just so happens that it’s located in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Boss has been admitted to the John Merck Program, part of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

It’s so far from home. It’s unfair and it sucks we have to travel this far. But it’s where he needs to be. If he had not been admitted here we would have been looking out of state anyway at programs in Providence, RI or Westborough, MA. That would have been a haul for us as well with the closest of the programs being approximately four hours away.

I don’t have much to report at this point as he was admitted via the program’s Emergency Department. The team at UPMC (which includes a nurse from Syracuse and a fellow from Buffalo who is handling his case) were not surprised we had to drive so far to get Theo the help he needs.

The average patient stays for one week but as you know Theo is not average. And being non-verbal complicates things. But he’s in great hands and they’ve been in constant contact with use since admittance on Tuesday.

And they’re already cueing up the Beastie Boys for The Boss.

Onward and upward.

And already Pittsburgh is looking out for me. The sign found on my morning run was just what I needed to hear:

They sure do have a lot of bridges. Together we will cross. Better than ever.

We will get over the bridges. We always have.

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