Level 2: Achieved

Happy Pandemic-versary. We still do not qualify due to our ages but I’ll roll up my sleeve when it’s offered!

I’m a tad late to the Pandemic party — but it’s been a year. I don’t have much to say about it except that when looking through my photos on my Google drive, and my phone, I realized the only photos and memories I have of the first few weeks of the lockdown are of Theodore in crisis.

I’m sure I didn’t mean to delete all the fun pictures… like our first birthday in lockdown. But I did. I’m sure I was sleep deprived. I didn’t really mean to trash all those photos thinking that I was protecting me. In my wisdom however I kept the crisis ones. I still have them. They’re hard to look at.

We all look so tired.

More importantly, Theodore was hurting. Terribly.

But, a year later, we move on. We make progress. And we #FocusOnTheGood, like this:

*NOTE: I had a friend send me pictures of the events I deleted. So now my collection is complete.

5 thoughts on “Level 2: Achieved

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