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Prisoner vs Prisoner: It Works

This morning, we had a…situation. Seems as though while dad was in the front room, and Theo and I were upstairs, some little cutie┬ádecided to use a dry erase marker on dad’s IPhone. Green. Dry. Erase. Marker. To the IPhone!! Dad was not pleased. And we had to get to the bottom of the situation, … Continue reading

Halloween Invite: Fine Print

I wish our friend Daniel was in the house tonight. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would have thought of Olena’s performance. Daniel plays soccer with the girls. He would like to have some friends over to his house for a small Halloween party. And his dad suggested he ask the Gretchen and Olena … Continue reading

What Happens at Night?

Rob: “See you downstairs.” Me: “OK” Gretchen (or was it Olena?) “Mom, what will you guys do downstairs?” Me “Probably drink!” Pushing Buttons Parents, admit it. Some days┬áthose precious little charges of yours just push your buttons. Today, it was Olena. Now, she is a pro at this. She also really LOVES an audience, whether … Continue reading

Crazy, Lazy Saturday

I Can, and I Will, Just Because The one good thing about Saturday (and Sunday) is we don’t have to rush around in the morning, trying to get everyone out the door and to school, or to the sitter’s, or to work. That’s a major cause of stress for us during the week. The one … Continue reading