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Rule out Cause, Then Move Forward

Always move forward. My dear Theodore… oh what a run we have had past few weeks. Minus the strep infection, we have been very up and down and, unfortunately, more down. That’s hard for anyone to deal with. It’s especially hard for your non-verbal son to deal with especially when he can’t say, hey my … Continue reading

Extremes: We’ve Got It

Last week was a hectic week… (Wait, let that sink in. Every week is a hectic week.) Ok, really, in the Mylifeintriplicate household, last week was crazy. Not only did we have a change in schedules with the holidays, the time off from school, but add ridiculous molar pain to the list…and it was just … Continue reading

Theodore: An Update

How is it a boy with super swollen gums one night wakes up with NO swelling, but then by the end of the next day (which happens to be today) be swollen again?! See people…this is why I hate teeth. Now I know the girls are getting their molars too, but they are taking it … Continue reading

One of THOSE days…

When the school calls you three times during the day, and daycare once, you know it’s going to be a long night. It’s Theo again. His molars, again. These must be some pretty damn big teeth. Now, I work full-timeĀ and I don’t want to sound harsh, or mean, but if Theo figures out that he … Continue reading

Most Amazing Girls

They Do SurpriseYou, Right Before Your Eyes I will keep this short since, well, it was one of THOSE nights last night when instead of birds chirping to wake you up (that does happen, sometimes, right?!) Theodore was in full melt-down mode, screaming on top of his lungs, in pain… in frustration… It was those … Continue reading

The Dreaded Phone Call

Everyone Has Bad Days As soon as the number came up on my phone my heart sank… It was a call from Utica. It was about Theodore. His teacher, Tammy, had called to inform me that Theo had huge meltdown and tried to hit his head on the floor. She did exactly what I would … Continue reading

So Sorry

Having a Bad Day? Not everything goes your way sometimes, that’s just how it is. I am miles away tonight as I think about the fall and the fact that I may have to split the triplets up for afterschool care. In an effort to find some answers I ran (yes, I multitask) over to … Continue reading