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One of those days

I couldn’t sleep. I had a lot on my mind and I tossed and turned all night. It’s March 2 and it’s still freezing cold in CNY (we set a record last month in case you hadn’t heard — with one great recap here and official one here). Of course, after a nightmare, the alarm went … Continue reading

Winter is Still Raging

When I started this blog this was therapy for me, so to speak – helping me process all that is going on with my kiddos. It is also a great way to keep track of everything we are doing in our household, including all our successes! I have discovered, however, that the busier things got … Continue reading

#Autumn Advantage

So after last nights all-out-shouting-and-no-soccer war, I very tenderly and gently suggested to take the girls out to the track tonight to burn off some energy. I figure that part of the reason why Gretchen is having these meltdowns is — and I’m assuming here — that Theo is taking up a lot of time … Continue reading

Thank you @Jean4Palmer

Words cannot describe what Jean Palmer does for all of us. I couldn’t have a better friend to have by my side (sorry, Olena…but I saw her first!) Her mom and her came and watched the triplets while Rob and I took a weekend break in Ithaca. Which started out with me embarrassing myself…at a … Continue reading

Running, Running ….sprinting?!

The Boilermaker, believe it or not, has come and gone. I was so very honored to run as part of the Charity Bib team for the Oneida-Lewis ARC. While not the ARC we deal with (we live in Madison County), we know how important this organization is to so many families like us, and so many kids … Continue reading

Mom’s Night Off

And so… what to do when your husband is out on the town (at the Melvin’s concert with his buddies…) and the kiddos are in bed…and the Melatonin has finally kicked in…(Theo’s weather-alarm was on full display thanks to Mother Nature). Bath?! ah, yes, luxuriating in our claw footed tub, surrounded by rubber duckies and … Continue reading

Meet #Team THEO

I done good…so I have to share again. And again. It’s less than 30 days now. Let’s do this TEAM ARC/TEAM THEO!

What a Weekend

Yeah, yeah so I slacked off. I have another good reason… Rob and I are taking time for each other. We started adding some in-home date nights after a March vacation made us both realize we needed to do something special for us. We are lucky that we have had a good army of volunteers … Continue reading

My Better Half

Autism parents, all parents, listen… you need to take care of yourselves. My husband and I had gotten into the parental rut of shuttling kids back and forth to where they needed to be, work, home, speeding through errands because the kids always demanded something. Doctors. The endless doctor visits. And then I had the … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Halfsies!

Ok, some words… In case you are keeping track (which you are not), today is my half birthday. woopie! After everything we have been through with our kiddos, we make it a point to celebrate their half-birthdays, which fall in September. We mark the occasion, appropriately, by having half moons. So…this one is mine. ALL … Continue reading