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Paperwork, Paperwork

The one thing people don’t tell new parents, especially those who have to spend time in the NICU, is your kid will have loads of paperwork. My children spent an average of 3 months in the NICU at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse. Because of this, they qualified for Social Security benefits. As if the day-to-day treatments … Continue reading

Sun was Shining Then Too

Somethings You Never Forget The sun streaming into the window at work triggered the memory…how could I forget that five years ago, the triplets decided to try to make an extremely early entrance. MaryAnn is convinced it was just so they can make it for Alex’s birthday party…but…I think she was just trying to lighten … Continue reading

Fighters: Since Day 1

Introducing the NICU After being in recovery for God-knows how long, it was time to meet the triplets. I can’t quite recall in what order we met them…but since Babies A and C had no names yet (B was our boy), we had to meet them and give them their names. All I know is … Continue reading

Triplet Arrival

Congratulations, You’re Beyond Pregnant I was pregnant and my numbers were through the roof, although the first official ultrasound showed one baby. A few weeks into the pregnancy I had some spotting, bleeding. Being new to this I freaked out and they took me in to do an emergency ultrasound… Scared, nervous, thinking I was … Continue reading