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Thank you @Jean4Palmer

Words cannot describe what Jean Palmer does for all of us. I couldn’t have a better friend to have by my side (sorry, Olena…but I saw her first!) Her mom and her came and watched the triplets while Rob and I took a weekend break in Ithaca. Which started out with me embarrassing myself…at a … Continue reading

Makes No Sense At All @bobmould

Dear Bob, What can I say other than I certainly hope you forgive me. Like you, I too grew up in New York albeit not as remote as Malone. I grew up just outside of Utica in New York Mills (go Marauders!) and was raised on a steady diet of classic rock and roll. I … Continue reading

What a Weekend

Yeah, yeah so I slacked off. I have another good reason… Rob and I are taking time for each other. We started adding some in-home date nights after a March vacation made us both realize we needed to do something special for us. We are lucky that we have had a good army of volunteers … Continue reading

My Beautiful Date

Malanka: Ukrainian New Year’s! Growing up in Utica my hometown parish would celebrate the New Year in January, after Ukrainian Christmas (which is celebrated on Jan. 6 and 7). Malanka was a feast for the senses… big roast beef dinners, all the grape (or orange) NEHI you could drink, dancing and party hats, balloon drop, and … Continue reading

Goodbye October

So I was out of blogging commission, if you will, for almost a month.. Let’s just say it was a rough month in the Mylifeintriplicate household. ON top of the fact that four out of five of us, that being me and the triplets all were out for a WEEK with a nasty virus, things … Continue reading

Hotel is Booked

ATTENTION: MY 40TH BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! And I would REALLY REALLY love to celebrate it by going to see, live in concert, once again… WILCO ❤ The Whole Love Wilco just announced (ok, not just, but freshly announced) new North American tour dates including a stop at the awesome Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown, N.Y. Call … Continue reading


And Recharging Quick, Rob, run for the door! Auntiejean is coming over and she’s watching the kiddos tonight. Let’s go out on a date. Instructions have been left. Medications and dosage lists on the counter. Pray the kids have an early night and that we don’t get any phone calls. Also hoping we avoid some Snake … Continue reading