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Daylight Savings Time is…

Yes, #DST hit the Triplet household hard. Two things: Oh Gretchen woke up SWINGING Sunday morning. Yes, she stayed up late (two nights in a row actually) and MAN was she having NOTHING Sunday morning. Picking fight, after fight. Thank goodness the weather was pleasant and she got outside… And, the DAY after… Theodore, my … Continue reading

Dental Bonding — It’s All Good

Teeth. Let me tell you, I’ve had it with you. But, now, it’s my teeth that are causing problems. Years of grinding unknowingly (since high school — anxiety? Duh) and even with a mouth guard at night (again, since high school) is doing a number of my “mother of pearls.” As a mom of triplicates, … Continue reading

Summer Is Busy — Please Slow Down

Seems just like yesterday we were getting ready for International Boxing Hall of Fame Weekend, the Nate Race, and the end of the school year. Since then we’ve vacationed! (OFFICIAL) We spent 6 hours at an amusement park! As a FAMILY!!! We visited dear cousins in Allentown PA who we don’t hardly see enough of… … Continue reading

Restless Nights = Better Tomorrows, I Hope

It’s been a while. My Theodore is going through a few things. First, he was dismissed by his previous doctor and we searched and got him someone who is willing to work with him (and us) and who understands. However, after coming off a strep throat infection, it seems as though Theodore has redeveloped acid … Continue reading

Someday This Too Shall Pass

So, while daddy is taking a break this weekend, I got a screaming Gretchen. Again. Right now she’s eating a big orange cupcake and is actually sucking on the wrapper. At least she’s quiet. Her mouth is busy. Today she has (sorry Gretchen) two accidents. The bathroom is right there, and yet, she just goes. … Continue reading

And, I’m Done

That’s all I could muster tonight. All because of Gretchen… She engaged me in a shouting match. I told her she needed to calm down. She did not. Twenty-minutes into it, and it escalated because we told her she could not go to soccer. I never heard louder screaming for anyone. Ever. “Soccer players do not … Continue reading

Castoff! And That’s a GOOD thing.

The Summer of 2013 will no doubt be remembered as the summer of the purple cast. Now Olena has finally adjusted well and is no longer taking EVERYTHING out on mommy (I was not there when the break happened). She has had to endure watching her sister swim in the community pool even though she, too, was … Continue reading

April Is Almost Over, but…

In two days the world will focus its attention on something else as Autism Awareness (Acceptance) month will come to an end. In our house, we are not as lucky. We cannot just turn a page and be done with it. And, boy, was today a reminder of how hard it can be to have … Continue reading

What the Heck Just Happened?

So, earlier today I posted this on my twitter page: “While dad plays hockey…we will eat breakfast 4 dinner, play W. those ponies & mix some tunes! #Friday #mylittlepony #triplethappyhour” I envisioned we’d have omelets and French toast while dad was out on the ice (he hates eggs). Then we’d play with our growing collection … Continue reading