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#Autumn Advantage

So after last nights all-out-shouting-and-no-soccer war, I very tenderly and gently suggested to take the girls out to the track tonight to burn off some energy. I figure that part of the reason why Gretchen is having these meltdowns is — and I’m assuming here — that Theo is taking up a lot of time … Continue reading

Extremes: We’ve Got It

Last week was a hectic week… (Wait, let that sink in. Every week is a hectic week.) Ok, really, in the Mylifeintriplicate household, last week was crazy. Not only did we have a change in schedules with the holidays, the time off from school, but add ridiculous molar pain to the list…and it was just … Continue reading

Theodore: An Update

How is it a boy with super swollen gums one night wakes up with NO swelling, but then by the end of the next day (which happens to be today) be swollen again?! See people…this is why I hate teeth. Now I know the girls are getting their molars too, but they are taking it … Continue reading