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Soapbox: Running And Pain Posts

*Drags box across floor, stands on top… I am a runner. There, I said it. I basically have been running for as long as I can remember. My first official “Turkey Trot” I completed in a pair of Mary Janes. That was elementary school. During my early running career all you really needed was a pair of sneakers … Continue reading

#Autumn Advantage

So after last nights all-out-shouting-and-no-soccer war, I very tenderly and gently suggested to take the girls out to the track tonight to burn off some energy. I figure that part of the reason why Gretchen is having these meltdowns is — and I’m assuming here — that Theo is taking up a lot of time … Continue reading

Running, Running ….sprinting?!

The Boilermaker, believe it or not, has come and gone. I was so very honored to run as part of the Charity Bib team for the Oneida-Lewis ARC. While not the ARC we deal with (we live in Madison County), we know how important this organization is to so many families like us, and so many kids … Continue reading

Meet #Team THEO

I done good…so I have to share again. And again. It’s less than 30 days now. Let’s do this TEAM ARC/TEAM THEO!

What a Weekend

Yeah, yeah so I slacked off. I have another good reason… Rob and I are taking time for each other. We started adding some in-home date nights after a March vacation made us both realize we needed to do something special for us. We are lucky that we have had a good army of volunteers … Continue reading

NUMBERS numbers…

Drop everything and pay attention to the following important numbers. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Thanks. Here goes…. High temperature right now: 48 degrees Time I started this post: 10:16 p.m. My age: Shut your mouth 😉 Kidding. 40 although for some reason I always tell people I’m 27. I have to bump that number up a … Continue reading

For Boston

I just want to say that my heart and thoughts go out tonight to you Boston. We run for many reasons. I certainly run for my kids, to show them how strong I am. I run to prove to myself that I am strong, that I am capable, that I AM alive and able to … Continue reading

World Autism Awareness Day

In this house, and in many others over the globe, we are fully aware of autism’s impact. We’ve gone from 1 in 88 to 1 in 50 according to new research…and my guess is that number is going to rise. So we don’t need a month to remind us… but there are so many other … Continue reading

It’s a Wonderful Run

It’s December and we’ve made it past 12/12/12 with no incidents. We even made it through another race in Seneca Falls. On Saturday I joined my sisters and their families in running the It’s a Wonderful Run 5K in Seneca Falls, NY. For the weekend the town is decked out in honor of the classic … Continue reading

It Takes A Village

It Takes a Village, or a Town…and Canastota, N.Y., home to onion fields and boxing champs is now home to the Conrad triplets. You know that saying, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”? I think that’s true. And while my husband and I are doing our best raising our triplets, we could not … Continue reading