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Bright Spot Within the Chaos

Chaos. Not sure how else to describe it. It’s probably not even the correct word. But when your kid with autism is stuck home on a chilly day over the weekend, chaos ensues. Not necessarily bad or good… but it is trying. At one point yesterday morning Theodore decided the best thing for him to … Continue reading

One Hour Delay

Funny how one change…can set everything off. After freezing rain moved into the area late at night, and the temperatures dipped below freezing, the school district decided to delay opening by one hour. Do you realize how much this sets all of us off?! 1. Since the girls move like lightning in the morning (not) … Continue reading

I Hate Mornings

My kiddos are in Kindergarten. With that, comes the, dreaded…morning routine from HELL!!!Why, you ask, is it so hard to get three 5-year-olds out the door each day? Even after doing this for a year?? How can that be? The house is chaos from the time we get up until Theo’s bus comes (he get’s … Continue reading

New Goal

Pound the Pavement This morning on Facebook I ❤ to Run posted the following status update: “Think running is awesome? Try writing names/words.situations on the sole of your shoes before a long run. I pound leukemia into the pavement at least once a week!! Angela Grace Morris” Brilliant! Why haven’t I thought of that? So … Continue reading

Break is Over

And GO! Ever wonder what a weekday morning is like for the Conrad Household is like? It goes a little like this… 5:40 a.m. Alarm #1 goes off. It’s the warning alarm. 5:55 a.m. Alarm #2 goes off. Light on vanity gets turned on. Glasses get put on. Some snuggle time…alone. 5:55 a.m. to 6:10 … Continue reading

Mommy FAIL

Paging Michael Westen Those who know me have always known that I just love television. I love the escape, the adventure, the stories… and it gets me away from the day-to-day activities of raising triplets. And is especially vital when we have an off day. One of my favorite shows is USA Network’s Burn Notice…because, … Continue reading

Changes, Upset, and Recovery

Last night the house was like a battleground. More like Theodore’s room. Theodore’s head. Recently the school he attended has gotten the go ahead to add an extra classroom, which is great because it means more children like Theodore will be receiving the services they so badly need. However, this meant that the classroom Theodore … Continue reading

One of those Days

Monday Again Today it was back to school after mid-winter break. And, well, let’s just say we’ve all forgotten how to do Monday mornings. I overslept which meant Rob was running late. The girls stalled getting changed out of their PJs. Of all the days to sleep in, Theo picked today. I had to wake … Continue reading

A Body in Motion

Can’t Sit Still One thing about Theodore and his ASD is he cannot sit still. He will occasionally stop and watch his favorite video, or sit and eat his dinner (if he’s really hungry), but most of the time he’s moving from room to room, from his chair to sit on the heat, trying to … Continue reading