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Hurry up, and wait.

Hurry up, and wait.

Life with autism is a LOT of hurry up and wait. This is a mantra in our house. We can’t shake it. Hurry up and get the triplets evaluated — wait months for services to begin. Call your pediatrician to schedule an appointment with a developmental specialist — wait 9 months to actually see specialist. … Continue reading

Restless Nights = Better Tomorrows, I Hope

It’s been a while. My Theodore is going through a few things. First, he was dismissed by his previous doctor and we searched and got him someone who is willing to work with him (and us) and who understands. However, after coming off a strep throat infection, it seems as though Theodore has redeveloped acid … Continue reading

It’s the Little Things

Day in, day out… we never know what kind of day we’re going to have. Think about how different it would be for you if you were having an off day AND were non-verbal, and you couldn’t say what’s wrong. We’ve had a few days like that recently with Theodore. Up and down, and more … Continue reading