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OH, WHO invited You?! GO AWAY!

It’s picture sharing time. I shared my gorgeous triplets’ third grade photos today on social media because, duh, that’s what moms do. In case you missed it, here it is again: Gretchen, Theo (The Boss) and Olena. These kiddos are all unique and all have had their share of struggles. I would move mountains for … Continue reading

Paying it Forward

Raising triplets is hard, sure…but one of the nice things we get to do for others is donating our well-loved and gently-used clothing to those who need it most. Some of the outfits we have passed along to family and friends… but today we donated five boxes of girls and boys toddler clothing along with 2 … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day 2013

It may go down as yet another holiday weekend spent in the ER for the Conrad Household but this Father’s Day, and every day, we remember how much Rob does for us. He’s always there. He’s the calm to my storm (and, appropriately, we switch roles as needed) and he is such a loving dad. It’s … Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2013

The blessings… the blessings.   When Rob asked last night if I minded if he posted my very first mother’s day photo I didn’t hesitate one bit. No, go ahead I said.   And then later it hit me like a ton of bricks…complete with the full on ugly cry. My girls flocked to my … Continue reading

Great Little Moments

These kids are getting bigger every day. Every time I turn around they look different, they act different, they’re reading (well, the girls are) and Theo is making great strides. Then there are days when you think: who are these kids and why are they tormenting me so. And as a mom you start saying … Continue reading

One Month In, One Down

It was only a matter of time… this year we made it about a month…a record for us! I  am sitting here with Theodore as he is running a fever. He usually bundles way up and night so for him waking up feeling toasty is normal. But he didn’t eat much yesterday or the day before for … Continue reading

I Hate Mornings

My kiddos are in Kindergarten. With that, comes the, dreaded…morning routine from HELL!!!Why, you ask, is it so hard to get three 5-year-olds out the door each day? Even after doing this for a year?? How can that be? The house is chaos from the time we get up until Theo’s bus comes (he get’s … Continue reading

Sunday Thought: May 20, 2012

“If I don’t stop moving, I WILL stop moving.” (it was one of THOSE weekends…non-stop. SO now, off to bed. Only to start all over again. New posts tomorrow. I’m done.)  

Break is Over

And GO! Ever wonder what a weekday morning is like for the Conrad Household is like? It goes a little like this… 5:40 a.m. Alarm #1 goes off. It’s the warning alarm. 5:55 a.m. Alarm #2 goes off. Light on vanity gets turned on. Glasses get put on. Some snuggle time…alone. 5:55 a.m. to 6:10 … Continue reading