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Dreaming, Always Dreaming

Ever since I can remember I have had the weirdest dreams… I remember being about 4 or 5, being terribly ill with a fever, and having a dream while my mom (Grandma Millie) cooled me off with water and alcohol which is totally not allowed these days. During that period, between waking and just being … Continue reading

Yes — I Love You Summer

I have always loved summer: long days, sunshine, running, playing outside, the warmth of the sun (even with the humidity I embrace it), swimming, sunburns… plus my birthday!!! Central New York just seems to come alive! But this time of year has become a difficult time of year for me. Bittersweet actually. This time of … Continue reading

I am … anxious

I am anxious. I admit it. There it is for all the world to see. Anxiety is awful. It robs you from what you should be happy for, celebrating for, enjoying…when your mind immediately leaps to the worst-case-scenario it’s absolutely downright awful. Anxiety hurts. This weekend, when everything seemed to be going haywire thanks to … Continue reading