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Valentine’s Day — the Sweetest Day

I was signed up for Olena’s Valentine’s Day party. On top of keeping Theo in check this winter, and dealing with Gretchen who seems to just want to fight, I almost forgot about it when my lovey girl reminded me. “Mom, you signed up for Valentine’s Day,” she said. (Actually, dad signed me up for … Continue reading

Welcome to OLENA Math

Over the summer, Olena made up a game. This game is not based on baseball in any way shape or form. We jokingly called it Olenaball. Yes, there are bases. Yes, there’s a baseball and a bat. That’s about all it has in common with the sport. Lately, Miss Olena has gone on a rant … Continue reading

Celebrate My Gretchie!

Short and sweet post my friends. Since she’s tested so well and made vast improvements since September, I am very happy to report that Gretchen will no longer be needing Physical Therapy! She’s no longer a 504 kiddo. I am incredibly proud of how hard she worked and is working. She never let her small … Continue reading

She Be But Little

“And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce” And that sums up perfectly Gretchen Estelle. Today we had another IEP/CPSE meeting, this time for Gretchen, to talk about her progress in physical therapy. Keep in mind that at almost age 5 Gretchen is still fitting in size 3T clothing. She’s longer than she is wide, … Continue reading