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So We Hugged it Out

I have had my hands full with this one. Lately everything has been setting her off which means that she takes is out on us — mostly me,  mostly Olena — with whining and crying fits. Screaming fits. SCREAM-ING! This morning, all was well, until she had to get ready for school. I’ve talked to … Continue reading

You Are Impossible!

My dear, I love you, but you are impossible. Who said that? And why? This mom. Me. It was math. Subtraction made me do it. The girls sat down to do their homework and instantly when Gretchen found out it was subtraction, she said (no, whined) that she could not do it. Now, if you … Continue reading

Then, there was this video

Theo’s been having a rough few days. He managed to shake the strep he got…but its in between weather seasons here in CNY and although today and yesterday were perfect spring days…some times it looks lovely out, but it’s not. Or it’s windy. Or it’s rainy. Or the wind is going one way only. Or, … Continue reading

One of those days

I couldn’t sleep. I had a lot on my mind and I tossed and turned all night. It’s March 2 and it’s still freezing cold in CNY (we set a record last month in case you hadn’t heard — with one great recap here and official one here). Of course, after a nightmare, the alarm went … Continue reading

No, Really. Continue, Please…

Was there something in the air tonight? And why does it always have to come home to greet me. As soon as I picked up the trips at daycare the girls started in on each other. (Happily, Theo was not noticing…for once.) Anyhow, dinner went well. Homework went well. I even walked past Olena a … Continue reading

Worn Out

Folks, I cannot lie. I’m so glad those girls are asleep right now. They have been running me (and Rob) ragged since they got home Friday from the sitters. They poked each other. They yelled the whole weekend. They spent several hours alone (or together, but separate) in solitary confinement. Olena tackled Gretchen over a … Continue reading

The Dreaded Phone Call

Everyone Has Bad Days As soon as the number came up on my phone my heart sank… It was a call from Utica. It was about Theodore. His teacher, Tammy, had called to inform me that Theo had huge meltdown and tried to hit his head on the floor. She did exactly what I would … Continue reading