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What the Heck Just Happened?

So, earlier today I posted this on my twitter page: “While dad plays hockey…we will eat breakfast 4 dinner, play W. those ponies & mix some tunes! #Friday #mylittlepony #triplethappyhour” I envisioned we’d have omelets and French toast while dad was out on the ice (he hates eggs). Then we’d play with our growing collection … Continue reading

Dinner-time Drama

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Dinner in our household is best described as melt-down prone AND the start of the witching hour for us. Most nights you have to be ready to sit next to Cranky and The Boss, or Grumpy and I-will-only-eat-anything-you-haven’t-made, or Whiner and the Crier. Now Theodore, for some reason, has got … Continue reading