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#Bullying We Need Understanding

My dad was my superhero for a variety of reasons. Among them, and one of my greatest memories of him, was when he stood up for a developmentally disabled girl in front of a dairy in Utica. The girl was being bullied by three, maybe four, other teenagers or kids…I was about 5 when I … Continue reading

Welcome to OLENA Math

Over the summer, Olena made up a game. This game is not based on baseball in any way shape or form. We jokingly called it Olenaball. Yes, there are bases. Yes, there’s a baseball and a bat. That’s about all it has in common with the sport. Lately, Miss Olena has gone on a rant … Continue reading

The Importance of Reading

Building a Good Student with Reading We have been reading to the kids from the NICU days up to today. We continue to do so even though Theodore no longer sits still to listen to the story, and may be roaming around his room OR half asleep due to his nighttime medicines. Even so, we … Continue reading