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Could be Teeth, Could be Allergies

OR we may never know…again. Theo and I stayed home yesterday. He was running a fever, but quickly recovered. And then tore through the house until we left to pick up the girls in the afternoon. He was exhausted as was I. So, this morning, when he seemed to act more like himself, we dressed him … Continue reading

One Month In, One Down

It was only a matter of time… this year we made it about a month…a record for us! I  am sitting here with Theodore as he is running a fever. He usually bundles way up and night so for him waking up feeling toasty is normal. But he didn’t eat much yesterday or the day before for … Continue reading

Oh no Theodore: Part 3

Not Quite Himself So I last wrote about Theo on Wednesday. Turns out he started the day with a fever, then got better, then  took a turn for the worse. After coming home from work he wanted to be held. Not unusual for him… but wanting to be held for more than 30 minutes, and … Continue reading

Good Call Dr. Mom

Moms DO know Best After dealing with numerous illnesses over the years moms out there unwillingly become the experts with no medical degree needed. Today Gretchen is home. She became ill at a St. Patrick’s Day party, thanks to germs she caught from Olena… And she was the LIFE of the party, greeting everyone, meeting … Continue reading