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You Are Impossible!

My dear, I love you, but you are impossible. Who said that? And why? This mom. Me. It was math. Subtraction made me do it. The girls sat down to do their homework and instantly when Gretchen found out it was subtraction, she said (no, whined) that she could not do it. Now, if you … Continue reading

Blessings are Everywhere

Sometimes you don’t know it, especially when you’re having a hard time, but someone is always watching out for you… After a particularly rough few days last week, Saturday morning saw¬†Theo away at group respite, and the morning free for me and the girls. It was beautiful and I wanted to walk to Dunn’s Bakery … Continue reading

You, School, NOW! (OK, Tomorrow)

That’s right. Little Gretchen. You are going to school tomorrow. I write this quick knowing I need to get to bed very soon (thanks time change for stealing my thunder). Gretchen is overcoming a bout of strep. She hasn’t had strep in a while but it knocked her flat. First, we couldn’t figure out what … Continue reading

Worn Out

Folks, I cannot lie. I’m so glad those girls are asleep right now. They have been running me (and Rob) ragged since they got home Friday from the sitters. They poked each other. They yelled the whole weekend. They spent several hours alone (or together, but separate) in solitary confinement. Olena tackled Gretchen over a … Continue reading