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“Is There Anything You Don’t Do?”

He was joking. He was. But I wasn’t in the mood.   I haven’t been in the mood for a while. You see, my poor Theo, who had suffered from a ridiculous five-week stomach ailment, then a week-long bout of tonsillitis, had been an enormous handful since Thanksgiving. Yes, that is correct. He’s been sick … Continue reading

The Dreaded Phone Call: Part 2

Being the parent of a kid with autism, every time your phone rings, your heart skips a beat or two and you hold you breath…always thinking the worse. While I was out running errands the day before Father’s Day, the dreaded phone call happened. Only this time it wasn’t Theo, it was Olena. And, yup, … Continue reading

Thank you November

If you don’t follow my page on facebook… you haven’t seen my thankful list. I thought I would post again. It’s a nice, little reminder of everything we have to celebrate. Of course, I couldn’t find days 1 and 2, but here is what I posted. Enjoy! Thank you November, day 3: a night out … Continue reading

Take my Daughter, Please

Mom and Dads who have NT kids along with ASD kids, please tell me what to do. I think Olena is acting up because she may feel a little jealous from everything we have to do with Theo. It’s not that we’re ignoring her, but she’s putting up a fight every chance she can get. … Continue reading