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Theo’s Autism Alphabet

Or, if I was Olena, it would be Alfabet… The web loves lists. So, here is Theo’s Autism ABCs A is for Apple, our go-to toy when all else fails. (Of course it’s off limits now…) B is for Bananas, our fruit of choice. It’s the basis for many of his tasty smoothies. C is … Continue reading

Summer Is Busy — Please Slow Down

Seems just like yesterday we were getting ready for International Boxing Hall of Fame Weekend, the Nate Race, and the end of the school year. Since then we’ve vacationed! (OFFICIAL) We spent 6 hours at an amusement park! As a FAMILY!!! We visited dear cousins in Allentown PA who we don’t hardly see enough of… … Continue reading

Oh no Theodore: Part 2

Being non-verbal is part of the problem when it comes to diagnosing Theodore. My heart sometimes just breaks for him, but I’m getting better at reading the “not-quite-right” signs, if you will. 1) He immediately turned down his breakfast. He does not do that often. 2) The constant playing with his head seemed a little … Continue reading