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It’s Hard to be a Sibling

Sometimes it’s hard to be a kid. Sometimes it’s very hard to be a sibling. Being a sibling to someone with special needs? Very difficult. Sometimes the ones you least expect to feel bad do. Sometimes your child surprises you. Last week, while the girls were taking there Kids on Camera class at the Oneida … Continue reading

To The Nurse Who Made Me Cry

It was nurses week recently and I am forever grateful to the many we have met along the way. One thing about being a NICU mom, then a NICU alumni, you know that the doctors are good for updates, but those nurses are in the trenches with you and they are the ones who will … Continue reading

Feeling Christmassy

It was a record. RECORD! Ready to be shocked? Well, I still can’t believe it… THE. Tree. IS. Up AND decorated!! Now, we usually wait a bit to get the tree up and get our Christmas decorations out partly because we are too busy to think about it. And we have to keep the tree … Continue reading

Girls Rule…Or Do They?

Oh, Olena and Gretchen…what a weekend! While Theo was having a rough time, these two were ruling the roost and, well, let’s just say THIS MOM could not wait for vacation to be over.And, really, it was four days long!I think sometimes we just get so bored with each other, and we try to stir … Continue reading