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Welcome to our Table

So it was another rough weekend in the Conrad household. Friday we attempted another family visit to Wegman’s DeWitt. We left the house later, and stayed at the store later. We also had to sit inside…which, for Theo, is a sensory nightmare. While Theo held it together as long as he could, the inevitable meltdown(s) ensued…complete … Continue reading

Dentistry: Who Knew?

Strength in Numbers So, recently, I had to switch dentists. Well, I guess I really didn’t have to, but my long-time dentist (and cousin!) had merged practices with another long-established dental group in Utica. I was looking for a special needs dentist for Theodore anyway, and thought this would be a good time to visit … Continue reading

The Week that Was

When it Rains… So the big birthday celebrations took a toll on all of us… The Sunday after the cookie party what I thought was allergies turned out to be Strep, which I didn’t get diagnosed until Monday afternoon (I took the day off to nap. Failing said nap, I got my butt into the … Continue reading