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OH, WHO invited You?! GO AWAY!

It’s picture sharing time. I shared my gorgeous triplets’ third grade photos today on social media because, duh, that’s what moms do. In case you missed it, here it is again: Gretchen, Theo (The Boss) and Olena. These kiddos are all unique and all have had their share of struggles. I would move mountains for … Continue reading

Lookey Lookey! We’re BACK

Pbthhhhhhhhhhh! Well, another summer has come and gone and like that we have a house full of third graders. It was an up and down time for us with, thankfully, more UPS than downs. After being without a job, dad started a new position in Syracuse. After a week of misbehavior we figured out Theodore … Continue reading

Yes, We’re Still Here

I think I need a vacation from my weekend…filled to the brim with activities, and making sure Theo is occupied and happy and not destroying things (we’re in molar mood again). Lots to report on from the weeks we’ve been away. But this mama has been so exhausted the last thing I want to do … Continue reading

Late on Sunday Night

It’s 10:33 p.m. and I’m writing in a hurry so I can get to bed…finally. Tomorrow I have the triplets all to myself as its Presidents’ Day and Rob has to work. I’ve planned to take them to mom’s to break up the day a bit. I hope Theodore cooperates and the girls don’t get … Continue reading