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Graduation, or Moving Up

It’s a time to think ahead, but, for me, I cannot help to reflect on the past from time to time… Especially now since the triplets have “moved on” or graduated from Pre-K. While the girls had an end-of-year celebration, Theo actually had a whole ceremony planned for him and his classmates at Upstate Cerebral … Continue reading

The Next Step

Everybody Learns With the sun shining bright, Rob and I, and Theo’s teacher Tammy, all visited the program at E.A. McAllister in Sherrill. McAllister, although part of the Vernon-Verona-Sherrill school district, is home to the K-9 Autism Program administered by Madison-Oneida BOCES. You can see the technical info here.¬†Canastota¬†is a member of Madison-Oneida BOCES. Overwhelming … Continue reading