My Daughter is Playing #Ftball

Gretchen. My little Gretchen. My little fighter. Theo’s biggest advocate. It’s been a tough winter on her brother and, as a result, Miss Gretchen is feeling the pinch. At least that’s what I think is going on. That, plus, Miss Olena acted this same way last year. Now, it’s Gretchen’s turn, to TAKE IT ALL … Continue reading

Longest Winter Ever

Every year I think this will be the winter of Theo’s contentment. So far, it hasn’t worked. Yet. The “dis” in the discontent makes itself known in mid-December and grabs any shred of optimism left in my bones and shakes it to the ground. Again this year The Boss has had one heck of a … Continue reading

Finally, DVD Free Night

So, as you may have heard, Theo has been under the weather off and on since November and we’re adjusting his meds… Today not only did we have a rare moment of (shhhhh I hate to even write it) quiet. But today was the first DVD-free day since November! When he is not feeling well, … Continue reading

So We Hugged it Out

I have had my hands full with this one. Lately everything has been setting her off which means that she takes is out on us — mostly me,  mostly Olena — with whining and crying fits. Screaming fits. SCREAM-ING! This morning, all was well, until she had to get ready for school. I’ve talked to … Continue reading

“Is There Anything You Don’t Do?”

He was joking. He was. But I wasn’t in the mood.   I haven’t been in the mood for a while. You see, my poor Theo, who had suffered from a ridiculous five-week stomach ailment, then a week-long bout of tonsillitis, had been an enormous handful since Thanksgiving. Yes, that is correct. He’s been sick … Continue reading

Clear as Day, Clear as Yesterday

Ever have one of those moments when you remember someone from your childhood and think, “Gee, I wonder what ever happened to…” That was me, last night. I wondered whatever happened to my neighbor Aaron. So I did what EVERYONE does, I Googled him. Aaron J. Washington* … let’s see what you are up to today… Back … Continue reading

The Box Travels With Us

This time last week we were preparing to go on vacation, to spend Thanksgiving with family in New Jersey. And that got me thinking about my box which, in reality, is a series of boxes. With all the gear that we have to pack to keep the Boss occupied while on the road we have … Continue reading

Side of Patience, Please

Gretchen has pushed back. If you have been following my Facebook page you’ve seen that I have given right back to her. She yells, whines, and cries and then carries on even when you tell her to stop. Time outs aren’t working (but she’s getting better — even put herself in time out last week … Continue reading