Posted in September 2015

Autism Blogging: Am I Doing OK?

Recently a very popular autism blog writer — Autism Daddy — revealed his true identity. It broke the interwebs! AD was one of the first blogs I read that seemed to paint a similar picture to what we have with our Theodore. But in the ongoing coverage in his coming out there was backlash in … Continue reading

Do You See Me?

Music. Music is what brought us together. Music united us once again. As parents who are busy all week and then come home to our real jobs as, uh, parents we seemed to be going through the motions. Our conversations became short…we spoke in parallel lines. “What do you want to watch?” “I don’t know.” … Continue reading

Yes — I Love You Summer

I have always loved summer: long days, sunshine, running, playing outside, the warmth of the sun (even with the humidity I embrace it), swimming, sunburns… plus my birthday!!! Central New York just seems to come alive! But this time of year has become a difficult time of year for me. Bittersweet actually. This time of … Continue reading

You Are Impossible!

My dear, I love you, but you are impossible. Who said that? And why? This mom. Me. It was math. Subtraction made me do it. The girls sat down to do their homework and instantly when Gretchen found out it was subtraction, she said (no, whined) that she could not do it. Now, if you … Continue reading

It Happened on September 11

They say that time heals all wounds. Whoever said that, never had a loss such as the one we experienced September 11. As I write this post, the eve of Patriot Day, I am already mentally preparing to shield myself away from the coverage — the dreaded “anniversary” coverage. This is the┬ácoverage my professors warned … Continue reading

Lookey Lookey! We’re BACK

Pbthhhhhhhhhhh! Well, another summer has come and gone and like that we have a house full of third graders. It was an up and down time for us with, thankfully, more UPS than downs. After being without a job, dad started a new position in Syracuse. After a week of misbehavior we figured out Theodore … Continue reading