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HolyCats! How’d that get away from me?

It’s true. It happens. LIFE with triplets can overwhelm and consume you. But, it’s all good. Truly. So, without any delay, here’s what up with the MLITHH (wow, that’s an awful acronym). Yes, my last post was in July. I had to abandon ship, if you will, because at the time I was searching for … Continue reading

#WordlessWednesday #Bath

Bath time is important, especially on nights like tonight… the three-day-time-change-bomb seemed to hit right after dinner when I couldn’t figure out what Theo wanted and the Boss, well, couldn’t seem to figure out what he wanted. Good news is he did better, and he enjoyed a bath. And now he’s in bed. Hopefully for … Continue reading

The Blood Draw

With the medications Theodore is on to regulate his moods, and to help with sleep, we need an occasional blood draw. Today was the day. I made the appointment last week to go to Oneida Healthcare. It’s where we went last time with little fuss (and it was where I heard Theodore say┬áNO repeatedly, and … Continue reading