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You, School, NOW! (OK, Tomorrow)

That’s right. Little Gretchen. You are going to school tomorrow. I write this quick knowing I need to get to bed very soon (thanks time change for stealing my thunder). Gretchen is overcoming a bout of strep. She hasn’t had strep in a while but it knocked her flat. First, we couldn’t figure out what … Continue reading

Welcome to OLENA Math

Over the summer, Olena made up a game. This game is not based on baseball in any way shape or form. We jokingly called it Olenaball. Yes, there are bases. Yes, there’s a baseball and a bat. That’s about all it has in common with the sport. Lately, Miss Olena has gone on a rant … Continue reading

First Crush? Or just really good kid?

The other day when I dropped the trio off at daycare I helped Theo out of his layers (God forbid no one helps The Boss out of his winter hat, gloves, boots, scarf and jacket immediately?!!) as most of the teachers were busy helping other kids and getting breakfast ready. That’s when I saw a … Continue reading

Dental Bonding — It’s All Good

Teeth. Let me tell you, I’ve had it with you. But, now, it’s my teeth that are causing problems. Years of grinding unknowingly (since high school — anxiety? Duh) and even with a mouth guard at night (again, since high school) is doing a number of my “mother of pearls.” As a mom of triplicates, … Continue reading

NUMBERS numbers…

Drop everything and pay attention to the following important numbers. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Thanks. Here goes…. High temperature¬†right now: 48 degrees Time I started this post: 10:16 p.m. My age: Shut your mouth ūüėČ Kidding. 40 although for some reason I always tell people I’m 27. I have to bump that number up a … Continue reading

Those Eyes: An Update

So Olena has recovered quite nicely from eye surgery…except for one tiny thing. She is ALLERGIC to the eye drops. And not her eyes. Let me explain. We were to administer drops in the eye that had surgery four times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and then before bed. We did fine¬†Tuesday night, minus the … Continue reading

Better than the Meteorologist

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but Theodore has become quite the weather prognosticator. We noticed it late this summer, early fall… anytime a storm would come barreling through, Theodore would run from window to window, or try to run outside on the porch, jumping up and down — just a bit off. … Continue reading

What the Heck Just Happened?

So, earlier today I posted this on my twitter page: “While dad plays hockey…we will eat breakfast 4 dinner, play W. those ponies & mix some tunes! #Friday #mylittlepony #triplethappyhour” I envisioned we’d have omelets and French toast while dad was out on the ice (he hates eggs). Then we’d play with our growing collection … Continue reading

Prisoner vs Prisoner: It Works

This morning, we had a…situation. Seems as though while dad was in the front room, and Theo and I were upstairs, some little cutie¬†decided to use a dry erase marker on dad’s IPhone. Green. Dry. Erase. Marker. To the IPhone!! Dad was not pleased. And we had to get to the bottom of the situation, … Continue reading

Hottest Ticket in Town

I’ve been to plenty of concerts and the anticipation for this one was no different. I was going to see my favorite performers and I was nervous! Pulling up to the venue I noticed that parking for the 1 p.m. concert was¬†at a premium. Crowds were gathering…all walks of life, kids big and small, all … Continue reading