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Mother’s Day 2013

The blessings… the blessings.   When Rob asked last night if I minded if he posted my very first mother’s day photo I didn’t hesitate one bit. No, go ahead I said.   And then later it hit me like a ton of bricks…complete with the full on ugly cry. My girls flocked to my … Continue reading

Mother’s Day: Revisited

Mother’s Day Never Ends My good friend and Olena’s Godmother, Susan, recently completed a series of stories focusing on Mother’s Day. She then turned the tables on me and asked me the following. While I can write a few chapters on each question, I will try my best to keep the answers short and sweet. … Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love Did I get pampered? Um, nope. But I did receive the best gift my kids and husband could give me: time alone! I got in a run. I went shopping (although I did have to go to the grocery store). I did this ALONE! Ah, bliss. THank you Danny Wegman … Continue reading